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Shegolskaya M. The role of exhibitions in marketing.... - Форум

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Форум » Матеріали конференції 21-22.05.2009 » Менеджмент та маркетинг як фактори розвитку підприємницької діяльності. » Shegolskaya M. The role of exhibitions in marketing....
Shegolskaya M. The role of exhibitions in marketing....
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Shegolskaya M.N

The scientific head- Voroshylova A.A.
Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after
M. Tugan-Baranovsky
t. Donetsk

The role of exhibitions in marketing communications of the company.

Nowadays, the participation in an exhibition for the company is one of the major communication things with potential partners and consumers. It makes the organizations available to hold effective presentations and to get into contact with business partners.
It is possible to allocate following marketing functions of an exhibition:
1. The Exhibition is the concentrated display of a current market situation in this or that sphere. Participating in an exhibition, the company can exactly explained for itself a market situation: the approximate quantity of the competing organizations, a range and quality of production manufactured by them, services which are accessible to buyers of the similar goods:
2. The company can to track cost’s dependence of the goods presented at an exhibition and their quality. It helps the company to correct the price policy, in many respects;
3. At an analytic’s exhibition the company can explained a market situation and determine what niches are similar or what by-products hadn’t taken yet in the market, and also to count a start expediency of a new line of the goods.
4. The Exhibition unlike newspaper publications, a TV and radio plots is perceived by all visitors as emotional event which mentions all sense organs of the person. At direct contact to the consumers the company can generate more accurately the relation to and the production.
Exhibitions are divided on international, and regional. Depending on the purposes which the company wishes to reach, concrete platforms get out. For example, the aspiration for search of the investor will result the company in more close contacts with the foreign companies on the international exhibition. If the organisation plans active work with regions, it becomes most logical sharing in regional exhibitions.
Making a decision on sharing in this or that exhibition, it is necessary to ask to give you the approved list of participants and statistics for the last years. So it is possible to understand what companies participate in the exhibition and who its visitors, and to advance approaches it to your company. So, the organisation was advanced with those concrete exhibitions in which it will participate. Further, it is necessary to choose the sharing form of the company in an exhibition. There are three forms: internal, internally correspondence and correspondence. In the first case the organisation makes out the exposition and works under the complete program. Internally-correspondence sharing assumes that the company places the information on the activity in an exhibition catalogue, and then its representatives with the permission of organizers bypass stands, distribute advertising materials and agree about partnership. The enterprises choosing the correspondence form, directly do not work at an exhibition. But they can present the production in an exposition issued by organizers of an exhibition, or ask to demonstrate its partners. The most effective form of sharing in an exhibition is internal, but it is the most wasteful.
At the exhibitions, all companies usually use stands. It is possible to allocate following types of exhibition stands:
- ordinary (opened only from 1 party);
- "corner" (it is opened with 2х the parties);
- "peninsula" (is opened with 3х the parties);
- "island" (is opened from all 4 parties).
It goes without saying, the stand is more opened, the more quantity of people can familiarize with company production. Besides, stands are divided on standard and non-standard. The standard stand is granted by the exhibition centre and includes the walled panels, one table, two chairs, a carpet cover. If the company wishes to allocate itself and the production at an exhibition, it orders the non-standard or exclusive stand. The non-standard stand can be one and two-storied. It is only natural, that unusual designs more attract the attention of visitors at the exhibition.
There are two variants of work with the stand: its lease or the property. Both variants have the advantages and defects. Firstly, it is own stand that, saves the companies money, because such stand does not need to made for each concrete exhibition. Secondly, it forms recognised image of the company.
After the organization of the remembered stand, it is necessary to take care of formation the information space. Depending on the purposes and problems of sharing in an exhibition generated data flows. It can be the information in the central and regional mass-media, advertising articles, announcements, the invitation to an exhibition of representatives of mass-media, dispatch of invitations to potential customers or business partners, leaflets, price-lists, reports, complete sets of materials for visitors, etc.) which are directed on attraction of your primary audience attention to the company and its production.
At the exhibition, it is expedient to suggest to fill in the questionnaire with questions all visitors about the purposes of visiting your stand. Variants of answers can be different, for example:
• we simply are interested in all offers and all companies;
• we choose the supplier;
• we are interested in the goods and services of particularly your company;
• we deal with a question about expediency of business relations with your company in the status of the supplier (the dealer etc.).
In some companies, activity of visitors and time conducted by them near to an exposition is evaluated also. Response analysis will allow the company to understand, how much expedient was sharing in an exhibition and whether it is necessary to participate in it next year.
In a result, it is necessary to notice, that participating in exhibitions, the company should mean that it is impossible to receive lightning return from similar actions. However, it is the exhibitions that can generate long-term partner relations, and correct the marketing policy of the organisation.

Форум » Матеріали конференції 21-22.05.2009 » Менеджмент та маркетинг як фактори розвитку підприємницької діяльності. » Shegolskaya M. The role of exhibitions in marketing....
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