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Форум » Матеріали конференції 23.05.2014 » Менеджмент як фактор розвитку підприємницької діяльності » Yaremchuk O., MARKETING OF THE STAFF IN THE ENTERPRISE...
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Yaremchuk O.

3-d year student of
Scientific adviser: Pankiv O.E.


In the current economic recession, the success of enterprises depends largely on the effectiveness of management personnel. The marketing personnel system, its elements, especially the use of marketing personnel in the management technology in the Transcarpathian region, the problems faced by businesses and suggested solutions are considered in the article.
The statement of the problem. Strict demands are made to enterprises in the modern conditions of market development and increasing competition. Every company strives to stay in the market of goods and services, and implement the marketing strategy, but all these aspirations must be supported by highly qualified staff. Indeed, the staff can solve the most complex matters which enterprises face in the unstable market, but only with the proper management.
The use of marketing staff is important for Ukrainian labour market, because it is characterized by uneven distribution of specialists in the branches, by the difficulties in attracting qualified staff to work at the enterprises, by the increasing competition among employers, causing the need of its implementation.
The fundamental task of marketing staff in the company is to create its image as an attractive employer; it should be helpful for the company in attracting human resources with optimal quantitative and qualitative parameters. Sometimes the minimum of investments and maximum of "human resources" use allows the company to win the competition.
The analysis of recent research and publications. Many research publications are devoted to the study of staff marketing matter. Some domestic and foreign scientists studied the issues related to the staff marketing, such as: M. Armstrong (“The practice of human resource management“: the specificity of marketing in the staff departments is studied there); S.K. Mordovin (“Human resource management “: the types and methods of the research in the field of human resource management is considered there); A. Turchynov (“Human resources“: the nature and practical importance of marketing personnel, its information providing and its specificity of the modern labour market is analyzed there); A.Ya. Kibanov (“Staff organization management”: the development and implementation of marketing personnel and its identification features are described there); I.B. Durakova (“Staff management”: the marketing staff technology is observed there); V. Voronkov (“Human resource management: the philosophical foundations”: the peculiarities of marketing personnel are studied there), and many others.
However, some questions concerning the marketing staff components in modern conditions are not properly considered. In particular, there was a need to determine the peculiarities of marketing staff at the enterprises of Transcarpathian region.
The object of this article. Marketing staff serves as an important element of the normal operation of businesses.
The aim of the article is to define the role of marketing staff in the system of management technology in the Transcarpathian region, to identify problems of marketing staff and to offer measures to address them.
The results and discussions. There was no single opinion as to the definition of the marketing staff content until recently, but now one can follow a tendency to its particular role in the management of the enterprise. The functioning of any company, manufacturing and marketing of products, which would be competitive in the market, depends not only on the technical equipment of the company, available technologies, the strict quality control systems and products, but also on the skills of employees, their effective activities.
The marketing of the staff is carried along with the planning function in personnel requirements, their support and use. The staff is the main element of the production process at the enterprise, which explains a considerable role of the staff marketing. The latest technologies at the enterprise, innovative ideas, won’t bring the maximum benefit without the highly effective work, proper training and staff development. Therefore, the problem of the efficient production management is primarily a problem of the effective work with the staff [1].
Marketing of the staff is becoming important as a factor of increasing enterprise competitiveness and success in the implementation of the development strategies. It has to ensure optimal use of human resources creating the most favorable conditions, which support the efficiency of labor, the employees’ professional qualification and their promotion in the professional development.
Marketing of the staff is an integral part of the human resource management and includes the following activities:
1. analysis of the market and the prediction of its conjunction;
2. maintenance of supply and demand accordance of the enterprise personnel;
3. relationship with external sources that provide company personnel;
4. analysis of human resources and the level of use;
5. formation of the market management strategies;
6. communication activities;
7. management of marketing staffing. [2]
Marketing of the staff is a kind of management activities aimed at the most effective planning of staffing needs, providing enterprise personnel development and use of personnel, motivation of employees to achieve company goals and sales of staff needs.
Marketing of the staff as a tool for targeted and effective operation of the personnel is a part of the strategy and tactics of survival and development of enterprises in market relations. It is necessary to coordinate market conditions and the interests of employees in the process of the personal development. Therefore, the development of the production increasingly requires its staff planning. [3]
The use of marketing staff tools should meet the following requirements:
 focus on general firm goals and values;
 goal orientation on the specific personnel policies of the organization;
 compliance with the interests of the certain categories of the staff;
 focus on the staff motivation, revealing its skills, training, promotion of vocational qualification;
 integrated and coordinated using of the staff;
 commitment to continuous modification and development [4].
Today, there is an increasing need to formulate and solve a number of specific problems faced by managers in the organization of marketing staff, namely:
• development of a flexible and continuous system of training, retraining and redistribution of staff to meet the needs of the enterprise;
• search and involvement of highly qualified specialists in the human management resource;
• stability, employment and professional development;
• formation of favorable climate in the collective (team).
Marketing of the staff acquires a special significance, as it allows implementing and generalizing a number of issues of human adaptation to external conditions, taking into account the personality of each employee in the development of the marketing personnel.
The most important task of the staff marketing t is to define employers' requirements to the personnel, the survey that the potential and the staff employees impose on the company and the competency of the labour market to cover the staffing needs effectively and implement the same goals of the organization.
The labour market in the Transcarpathian region is characterized by the unstable situation, the lack of specialists in certain types of activities and etc. Therefore, the implementation of a marketing staff system at the enterprises is appropriate in those regions. Personnel development work is essential at the Transcarpathia enterprises, because there is a shortage of qualified personnel and the inefficient management is obvious there. It may be noted that today, the training and continuous education of the personnel is very important in businesses; the formation of new system of the staff management, new personnel policy and its implementation by the professionals is extremely necessary. Marketing staff should be the guarantee of the company prosperity. The high quality of the labour force is only a prerequisite to the high production efficiency. It is necessary to organize the employee's work properly, to increase skills levels of the workers, to established appropriate hygienic labour conditions that provide adequate level of its intensity.
Under the present economic conditions, most businesses of the Transcarpathian region are to solve the problems of the staff marketing that are associated with the organization of the staff selection and recruitment, labour force release process, the system of training and professional staff development, with a mechanism for the full utilization of labour potential employees. The solution of these problems, first of all, depends on the purpose of staff marketing in the company, upon the selected personnel policy, the level of the personnel services activities which have a direct impact on human resources management of the company.
In the working process with the Transcarpathian region enterprises personnel one should focus on the efficiency of the material and financial costs of its organizational efforts. It is necessary to consider human resources as the key to improve the efficiency of the company. The ignoration of the psychological and physiological characteristics of the people is one of the main reasons for the low effectiveness of marketing staff system.
One must also pay attention to the training and professional development of the enterprise managers in the Transcarpathian region. In addition to the teaching of the personnel management outside the enterprise, the organization of the short-term seminars directly at the company, the so-called official rotation attracts a great attention. The company management introduces a new leader to many aspects of business activities moving managers of the low levels from one department to another for the period of three months to one year. This knowledge is necessary for successful work in high positions, which determines the effectiveness of human resource management at the enterprise [5].
The organization of the staff selection and recruitment is one more important issue.
Indeed the modern market is oversaturated with labour force, so the company has to create all conditions to attract these workers with the best skills and personal characteristics.
A great attention should be paid to the process of the employed staff releasing. Employees who have worked for many years at the company, and must be dismissed for various reasons, take this event very seriously. Not all workers are willing to obey the requirements of the time, so the top management is forced to fire them because the company requires the following personnel who would support a given rate of alterations.
An important issue is the full utilization of labour potential employee, i.e. its resource capabilities in the sphere of labour. An enterprise must involve staff, its labour capacity which meets its activity requirements. One can solve the problem of full utilization of labour potential employee with the help of the adaptation opportunities mechanism to staff needs. The most economical method in this situation is to use a functional adaptation.
The situation in theTranscarpathia entrepreneurship business sector can be positively changed only when all levels of its management will form an understanding of the marketing personnel need importance to create conditions for their solution.
Conclusions. A qualitatively new level of the economic development cannot be achieved without efficient use of staff organizations. Marketing staff, as a tool for targeted and efficient work with the staff, serves as an integral part of the survival strategy and tactics, and the development of enterprises in market conditions.
Thus, the marketing staff should be aimed at the improving of the company competitiveness, its long-term development, access to maximum profit. At present, most experts believe that the formula for success is human resources and that is why its value is steadily increasing. Therefore, the personnel management system is constantly changing, displacing stereotypes. Investments in human resources become beneficial and contribute to the survival of firms in the market. Therefore, the managers explain the costs associated with the personnel, not as useless but as an investment in human capital, the main source of income.
It should be noted that in practice the Transcarpathian region companies have to use a variety of measures to increase the effectiveness of marketing staff and overcome the problems associated with the development of human resources management system at the enterprise.

1. Loznytsya V.S. Psychology of management. Tutorial./V.S. Loznytsya – К.: КNЕU, 1997. – 248 p.
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Форум » Матеріали конференції 23.05.2014 » Менеджмент як фактор розвитку підприємницької діяльності » Yaremchuk O., MARKETING OF THE STAFF IN THE ENTERPRISE...
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