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Nazar A., The Advantages of PR Technologies over Other Means - Форум

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Форум » Матеріали конференції 23.05.2014 » Маркетинг і реклама в Україні інтеграція теорії та практики » Nazar A., The Advantages of PR Technologies over Other Means
Nazar A., The Advantages of PR Technologies over Other Means
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Nazar Alina

3-d year student of
Scientific adviser - Pankiv O.E.

The Advantages of PR Technologies over Other Means of Communication in the System of Marketing Communications

The analysis of the “PR Technologies as a better means of communication in the system of marketing communications” definition is considered and substantiated in the article.
Keywords: PR Technology, communication tools, system of marketing communications.
The analysis of recent publications and investigations. The development problem of PR Technologies as an effective means of goods promotion in the system of marketing communications was studied in the scientific works of leading foreign and domestic scientists in marketing, management, communication, such as I. Alyoshyna, G. Bernet, T. Lukyanets, I. Synyaeva, O. Golubkova, D. Gobber, V. Fedko, V, Korolko and others.
The formulation of the article aim. The aim of this article is to investigate the nature of public relations as a part of marketing communications of a company and to determine its effectiveness.
The main investigation results. According to D. Havro [1, с. 31], the current state of the professional PR-activity is characterized by two trends. At first, it’s an increase of the technological management of external and internal communications; secondly, it's an integration of the communicative activities and erasing the borders between traditional PR-tasks and tasks related to the fields of the communicative activities such as market research, marketing, advertising, personnel management and brand management.
It is important that technologization and integration of the communication processes requires the rectification of the communication technologies features understanding in general and PR-technologies in particular.
I. Romanyuk identifies the following attributes and criteria as the features of the communication technologies in marketing communications [3, p. 56]:
1. The artificiality and the conscious management of communication resources in the marketing communication system is the special alteration of natural (spontaneous generated) communication process in the formation of controlled communicative space;
2. the availability of socially important goal, the ambition and the expediency is the implementation of the communicative impact with precise and clearly labeled aim to change minds and behavior of social communities, some changes in social structures and regulation of social relations;
3. the social nature of the communication process in the technologized marketing communication system, in case, if the communication is not focused on social communities, the management can not be associated with social and communication technology, but can be associated with other technologies, for example interpersonal communication;
4. the systematic feature: the communication technology should be ordered as a set of procedures and operations with a stable structure;
5. the sustainability: the communication technology is implemented according to the developed plan, usually, it is a material carrier and is prepared in accordance with the requirements of special procedures;
6. the technological feature is the structured sequence link, formed by corresponding plan of operations and procedures to achieve the communication goal;
7. the formal organization and functional division of labour: the performers group organizes the communicative impact fixing certain features of the development and implementation of communication technologies for individual performers;
8. the optimization and the feedback: the optimization is the organization of the communicative impact, that allows to achieve the best results with a given resource or limited resources use to get the desired result, when the feedback allows to evaluate the effectiveness of communication technologies;
9. the discretion and the availability of the beginning and the end: it means that if the technology is developed and implemented properly, the goal is achieved, and the technology operation is completed;
10. the creativity and the standardization as the communication technology is a synthesis of standardized and non-standard components. On the one hand, the standardization is a necessary feature of any technology (in this case, the more standardized technology is, the easier to use and replicate it; on the other hand, the communication technology, because of the specific managed object, requires a creative component in all phases of the technology (the design, initial implementation, replication);
11. the cyclic character and the potentiality to replicate - as the communication technology has its internal cycle, a sequence of steps, that follows from the above characteristics and criteria, and has the ability to reproduce, in relation to similar problems in other settings;
In order to define the features of PR-technologies as a private version of the communication technologies in marketing communications, it should be noted that the product is sold but the image, the reputation and the brand are bought. For example, the fact that the consumers are not satisfied with the quality of the product or having suffered losses, they increasingly claim not only manufacturers, but also brand owners. The problems with the tobacco or pharmaceutical products are only a few cases of this situation. So, the consumption becomes a way of public participation in the regulation of market practices that affects the practice of the social communication management because of the symbolic value system created in the communication.
G. Pocheptsov offers to provide additional arguments to a society as the first PR advantage, as a communicative technology in the system of marketing communications except the competing offer characteristics running on its popularity i.e. demonstration of cultural, social, humanitarian and environmental aspects [2, с. 69]. . The object of PR-activity can be all features, that are necessary to make known, recognized, and the best: the product, the service, the idea, the particular person or organization, and the association of these components in a holistic form. The complementarity of the arguments is due to the fact that PR creates the relationships in the process of continuous coordination of the individual expectations, the organization strategy and values of the society. PR-arguments are optional because they do not describe exactly the competing offer in the system of marketing communications, but they show a versatile relation of this proposal and the values of social life in the system of marketing communications.
Its means that a system of knowledge and associations should be built for the coordination of the content image in the marketing communication system and the result of its development in the minds of the public, by the correlation with other ideas, emotions and actions that make the consumer experience, i.e. to develop the customer image in the context of his\her social life.
The similar contextually impact is the second advantage of PR-technologies; it enables people to create their own image in the system of marketing communications. Thus, the traditional view of unidirectional communication from the initiator to the recipient doesn’t meet the real communicative practice, because there is a mutual influence on the communicative event from the communication initiator and from the recipient of messages in the system of marketing communications. In other words, the image consists of messages (that the contracting authority spreads itself) and contacts (that the consumer perceives).
Thus, marketing possibilities of any offer are becoming now more and more dependent upon the effectiveness of communications. The PR-communication is the best tool to target consumers among the possible choices, but does not impose the choice, and offers the alternative that is a significant advantage. However, the PR-communication unit may include several alternatives, i.e. several additional arguments that reduce the benefits of consumer choice in favor of some market supply, retaining the possibility of choice.
A List of Literature:
1. Havra D., Brovko S. The PR-campaigns: methodology and technology: Tutorial. - SPb.: Rosa mira, 2004.-187 p.
2. Pocheptsov G. The theory of communication, ed.3, added and approv. \ Pocheptsov.- M.: Mir, 2009.-314 p.
3. Romanyuk I. The international advertising \ I.Romanyuk.-K.: Svit, 2010.-286 p.
4. Semchuk T., Tilchuk L. The advertising in business \ T.Semchuk, L.Tilchuk.-K.: Slovo, 2005.-238 p.

Форум » Матеріали конференції 23.05.2014 » Маркетинг і реклама в Україні інтеграція теорії та практики » Nazar A., The Advantages of PR Technologies over Other Means
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