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Форум » Матеріали конференції 23.12.2013 » Ефективність бізнесу та стратегії економічного розвитку підприємств » Pailyk А., IMPACT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP ON THE SOCIAL SPHERE
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Aurthur Pailyk

2-nd year student
"International Economics"
Scientific adviser: Pan’kiv O.E.


The current state of business in Ukraine affects almost all aspects of the society. First, the entrepreneurship activity is focused on making a profit. But more and more businesses, today, think about other issues - the impact on social services, i.e. how companies operate in this field; whether this effect is positive, and if one can change this. Thus, the entrepreneurship impact on social spheres, the identity of relationships and the development of "positive influence" strategies are the most important issues nowadays.
The purpose of our work is to show the impact of entrepreneurship on the social sphere.
An enterprise is an organizationally distinguished and economically independent, main (initial) link of the economy productive sector that produces goods (performs work or provides services) [3, p.8].
Social security is a set of industries, businesses, organizations which are directly associated, determine the method and human standard of living, they consumption and welfare. Service industries such as education, culture, health, social security, physical education, catering, utilities, passenger transport, and communication are related to the social spheres. [1].
The combination of entrepreneurship and its impact on the social sector has created a new concept and work directions. This is a social entrepreneurship.
Social enterprise is a legally registered organization which is under the common ownership, under the control of its members, and is based on the principles of equal ownership interest. The company carries on business, creates social wealth, and improves the environment. Social wealth and environmental benefits are an integral part of the social enterprise objectives; thus, the company guides a part of profits to their achievement. [4, p. 4].
The knowledge obtained in the result of the company "socialization" can influence the expansion of the business, its profitability increase, the maintaining and job creation.
The main impact of entrepreneurship on the social sector is to reduce unemployment among the population.
The entrepreneurship reduces the unemployment rate among the Ukrainian population every year. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine we can take notice of the following:
Table 1
Unemployed in 2000-2012 years [2]
2009 2010 2011 2012
1958,8 1785,6 1732,7 1657
Different researchers distinguish the following positive factors that influenced the development of entrepreneurship on the social sphere:
• innovation ( business development entails innovations) in 2011. 2124 enterprises and organizations of Ukraine were engaged in the creation and use of high technology, intellectual property rights, and the use of innovations.
• environmental (when a company is growing in size, it begins to take more care about the environment that has a positive effect on social services).
Prospects for the development of entrepreneurship and its positive impact on the social sector are the following:
1. an information space creation;
2. the development of effective mechanisms for financing enterprises which take care and positively affect the social sphere ;
3. the exchange of experience between foreign and domestic entrepreneurs.
Business development in future, in our opinion, will lead to further improvements and changes in social life. In our opinion the unemployment rate will gradually decrease, in the coming years, provided the further business development. Business must develop in our country to impact on social spheres, but a number of factors make barriers. The main one is the miscalculation in the state economic policy concerning the development of entrepreneurship and the formation process of shadow business sector that affects negatively the development of social services in future. Therefore, in our opinion, a considerable attention should be given to that issue through the tax policy enhancements and the regulatory policy entrepreneurship improvements.
Thus, the entrepreneurship always influenced and will affect the social sphere. The question remains open: will it have positive or negative impact? It depends on the entrepreneurs and their decisions, to a large extent. It is clear that a successful policy can help in general. But the issue of whether to become a company that has a positive effect on the social sphere, i.e. a social enterprise or not, depends on the entrepreneurs.

A list of literature:
1. Rayzberg B.A., Lozovskyy L.S., Starodubtseva E.B. Modern Dictionary of Economics: - 2nd ed ., Radiation . Moscow: INFRA -M. 479 p., 1999.
2. State Statistics Service of Ukraine. Unemployed-[electronic resource]-Access-mode:
3. M.G. Hreschak., V.M. Kolot., A.P. Nalyvayko. Business Economic: Textbook / Ed. SF Pokropyvnoho . - K.: MBK - 1999.
4. Freer Sprekli Guide to Planning a Social Enterprise / Sprekli F. / / The British Council, 1999. – 68 p.

Форум » Матеріали конференції 23.12.2013 » Ефективність бізнесу та стратегії економічного розвитку підприємств » Pailyk А., IMPACT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP ON THE SOCIAL SPHERE
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